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Why Nutrition?

Food fuels our bodies. Our bodies are working machines that need properly prepared, and nutrient dense foods to create energy and keep us going day to day. Do you want to know if you are eating the right foods to fuel your working body? Do you ever feel like something in your belly just isn't quite right? Are you fatigued even though you get plenty of sleep? If you said yes to any of these, I am here to help!

What to Expect

What Nutritional Therapy Can Do for You

On your journey to optimal health, you will be coached and guided every step of the way. You will learn how to adjust your food choices, habits and lifestyle in order to become the healthiest version of yourself.

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What I Can Do For You

My services include nutritional consulting, testing for digestive issues and food sensitivities and addressing adrenal health. Whether you can’t poop, have terrible gas, get headaches, are tired all the time, or just want to eat and feel better, I’m your gal! =)

There are endless symptoms that can stem from the health of your gut, food sensitivities or the health of your adrenals. I’m here to help you get to the bottom of what’s causing your unexplained symptoms. I know that each person and each body is unique and that’s why I will find what works best for you and your body. I provide a holistic and functional approach to nutrition and will look at the whole system of your body, not just individual symptoms. Check out my Services page to learn more!

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Happy Clients

Recently I was diagnosed with Pre-diabetes & currently have hypertension which I’ve known about but have been trying to reduce my BP naturally. I was very fortunate to know that Megan is a nutritionist & asked her advice on how to reverse my insulin resistance to prevent full blown Type 2 Diabetes & lower my blood pressure. She has given me professional advice on how & what to change in my diet. She also mentioned that my chocolate cravings could be due to a magnesium deficiency. I had a blood test & discovered I was deficient in potassium & low in magnesium. I’ve since done some research on magnesium & discovered that it helps to keep blood pressure in check. I’ve begun my new diet, magnesium & potassium regimen & it has worked to lower my blood pressure. I still need to have my A1C checked again. Thanks to Megan, I’m back on the road to good health & awareness. I will not hesitate to use her professional services again. She is awesome to work with & very helpful. 😊


I have been working with Megan for several months now and I have never felt better, ever. I have had gut issues and ADD symptoms my whole life. I have been seen by medical and naturopathic doctors. I was not showing any significant signs of improvement until I started working with Megan. She doesn't cut any corners which makes her protocols more effective the first time around. She helps make things easier by suggesting food substitutes that I found to curb the craving, to be just as good and things that are better that I would have never of tried otherwise. It has been a wonderful and life changing experience. I feel I am back to normal human being levels 🙂 I plan on working with her more to optimize my health as I can only imagine what it feels like to feel better than I do now.


Megan is a kind and caring person that has been there anytime I have needed her. I am impressed by her willingness to research questions that may not have an easy answer in order provide me with all the information I need to succeed. It has been a long time coming for me to start to feel better and I am on the road to being healthy. We still have a long way to go, but I have all the confidence with Megan’s help I will reach my goal.


After trying many fad diets, no-fat-low fat, low carb etc… with little or no results, having blood pressure readings of 170/130 and being obese, I was blessed into the hands of Bend Your Nutrition. Working with Megan and her non-judgmental compassionate care, I went from 260 pounds to my current weight of 175 pounds. My blood pressure has decreased and the education I’ve received from Bend Your Nutrition is priceless. From how my body reacts to salt and all sugars, finding my food sensitivities and addressing them, coming up with a supplement program customized for me and teaching me a proper nutritional diet for not only myself but also for my family. Professional, compassionate, non-judgmental care and Megan’s never give up attitude is what works for me. Thanks Megan! Thanks Bend Your Nutrition!


How would you like to be able to fit into clothes you haven’t been able to wear for years? Megan Templeman, BS, NTP, RWP, my Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, got me back into a bikini at age 51! Following her guidance, I went from a size 6 to a size 2, lost 25 lbs. and have had to buy new pants and belts.



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